ISLAND SWEAT FITNESS (ISF) classes are designed for all fitness levels and body types. Variation and modifications for moves are always provided.  Camera ON isn't required, however, it will allow me to keep you motivated or give further variations if you are visibly struggling.

ISLAND SWEAT FITNESS space is a very physiologically safe space, so I will never yell or scream at you. I also don't shout-out names to make anyone feel embarrassed.  My coaching style uses positive reinforcement ONLY; I am your biggest CHEERLEADER. 

All classes are to the sweet sounds of the Caribbean. Caribbean Culture is infused in these traditional fitness workouts to create joyful and approachable workouts for any fitness level.  Imagine Soca,  Dancehall, Reggae, and Rocksteady being the soundtrack to all your workouts. 


Is it a workout or a party or a mini-vacation? NO NEED TO CHOOSE!


This non-traditional Soca and Dancehall spin class is a #PartyOnABike. With a mix of slow toning with bursts of high energy speeds it's easy to get lost in the music and forget this is a workout.


  • Turn the volume up

  • High intensity/low impact workout

  • Sweat dripping

  • Endorphin rush

Required: Exercise bike


High-energy Soca and/or Dancehall will supercharge these full-body workouts. This Tabata-style Intensity Interval Training workout will test you, but trust you will find yourself dancing between sets!  #BubblinBetweenBurpees

You can slow down, you can dance, but DO NOT STOP MOVING!

Limited supplies are needed (dumbbells, resistance bands, and household items can be used as alternatives to weights). 


This Roots Reggae & Rocksteady guided full-body stretch with a focus on the lower body ( back, hips and glutes).


The stretches are done in a seated position or lying on the floor. You don't require props however if you have a limited range of motion, sensitive joints, or simply want a deeper stretch due to tightness, it will support you. This mindfulness style of class is about listening to the music and breathing into the moves.


#LetWeHoldAhStretch #ReleaseTheHeaviness


Required: Mat  with straps, blankets, pillows optional